DIGP Katsigazi Urges Business Owners to Prioritize Peace & Security against Terrorism

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA – The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Major General Tumusiime Katsigazi has advised business proprietors to make the preservation of peace a top priority.

He emphasized the significance of fostering a strong partnership between business owners and the Uganda Police to effectively counteract acts of terrorism.

The call was issued yesterday during a gathering with a diverse group of traders hailing from various parts of Kampala city. The meeting took place within the premises of the Royal Complex building, located in the heart of downtown Kampala.

The primary objective of this assembly was to heighten awareness and bolster the safety and security measures for both the business community and the city’s residents.

One noteworthy recommendation from DIGP Katsigazi was the implementation of security screening apparatus at all entry points of arcades and other commercial structures. This proactive step is aimed at preempting potential threats.

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Furthermore, he urged proprietors of hotels and landlords to exercise due diligence by gathering and verifying pertinent information about their clients prior to renting out spaces. This emphasis on vigilance serves as a crucial safeguard against potential risks.

Addressing the need for business owners to shield their assets from theft and to actively discourage any criminal undertakings, DIGP Katsigazi underscored the importance of a secure business environment.In his concluding statements, Major General Katsigazi expressed heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to convene this significant assembly. He encouraged individuals to promptly report any instances of misconduct involving police officers.

Additionally, he lauded the commendable absence of riots within the city, highlighting the collective efforts toward maintaining peace and stability.

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