MP Kamara Urges Unity Amid Growing Sectarianism Among Boda Boda Operators in Kisoro

By Banabasi Kamusime

KISORO – The Bufumbira North Member of Parliament, Hon. Kamara John Nizeyimana has expressed concern over the growing sectarianism in Kisoro district, leading to divisionism.

During the Kisoro United Boda Boda Operators (KUBO) annual general meeting at Shaza playground in Kisoro Municipality on Friday, he highlighted the emergence of Bukimbiri United Boda Boda operators (BUBO) and the lack of clear reasons for their split.

Hon. Kamara emphasized that KUBO’s cooperation with security agencies has contributed to maintaining individual security for both customers and Boda riders, which may change if the two associations operate separately under different leaderships. He criticized the top leadership for favoring the formation of BUBO based on tribal affiliations, despite Kisoro being a united community.

To address the issue of sectarianism, he plans to engage other leaders through the Kisoro leader’s forum to find a solution and prevent confusion among the people. Hon. Kamara urged the Kisoro United Boda Boda Operators to remain united and fight for the continuity of their association.

He also appealed to Kisoro district residents not to be influenced by discrimination messages, as most members of parliament do not support that style of leadership.

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In addition, Hon. Kamara was intrigued by a group of people from Bukimbiri County advocating for the translation of the Bible into Rukimbiri language, even though there is no well-defined spoken language in the county.

The Chairman of Kisoro United Boda Boda operators, Karagala Robert, assured that the KUBO leadership would continue to protect its members from being lured into rival organizations at a cost, especially considering they had already paid one million to join KUBO. He also revealed that some ex-leaders of the organization were behind the misunderstandings.

Meanwhile, the Kisoro RDC Hajji Shafiq Sekandi acknowledged that the NRM government allows the formation of new associations at a lower level, and he commended Karagala for being a good leader by organizing meetings and being accountable to the association’s members. He called on leaders to show respect for one another.

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