AICM, PLF Supports Batwa Landslide Victims in Rubanda

RUBANDA – The African International Christian Ministry (AICM) and Pilot Light Foundation have partnered to aid the Batwa communities in Rubanda district, whose homes and crops were devastated by floods and landslides in May 2023.

Yesterday, on October 12, 2023, AICM, led by Executive Director Denis Mucunguzi, visited Murubindi village to oversee the construction of six houses for supported Batwa families.

Additionally, they handed over one million shillings in seed capital funds to the Murubindi Batwa-Bakiga Tutunguke group, whose members also suffered losses in the landslides.

AICM, with assistance from the Pilot Light Foundation, has assisted six Batwa families affected by landslides, providing essential supplies such as iron sheets, windows, doors, nails, and labor.

Mucunguzi highlighted the severe impact of the May floods and landslides on the Batwa communities, rendering many homeless and depriving them of income and food security. In response, AICM and Pilot Light Foundation launched a project to address the immediate needs of the Batwa, including shelter, food, and other forms of support.

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Funded by the Pilot Light Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in need, the project is led by AICM, which has received financial and logistical support.

The collaboration aims not only to address immediate needs but also to provide long-term support, including education and job training opportunities for the Batwa communities. This holistic approach aims to empower affected families to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.


At the function, LC3 Chairperson of Kacerere Town Council, Eliab Mugambagye, acknowledged AICM’s ongoing support to Batwa communities. He expressed concern about exploitative practices within the Batwa community, pledging to engage LC1 Chairpersons to monitor and address issues such as underpayment for land and alcohol consumption.


Muko Subcounty LC3 Chairperson Patrick Abeneimwe urged the Batwa community to responsibly utilize and protect the donations from AICM, emphasizing their potential to positively transform livelihoods.

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The collaborative efforts of AICM and Pilot Light Foundation reflect a commitment to immediate relief and sustainable development for the Batwa communities affected by natural disasters, fostering resilience and empowerment.

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