Kanungu RDC Warns Against Extortion in PDM Program

KANUNGU – The Kanungu Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Ambrose Mwesigye has issued a stern warning to individuals involved in the Parish Development Model Program who engage in soliciting money from people before assessing their needs.

RDC Mwesigye made this unequivocal statement on Friday during his role as the guest of honor at the official commissioning of the upgrade of Bugongi Health Centre II into a health center III in Bugongi Sub-County, Kanungu District.

RDC Mwesigye passionately urged the public to report such activities promptly to the police or their respective community leaders. He also directed a pointed message to government employees, specifically Community Development Officers (CDOs), Commercial Officers, Parish Chiefs, Sacco leaders at the parish level, and group leaders, admonishing them to refrain from accepting money from program beneficiaries. He emphasized the potential legal consequences of such actions.

Furthermore, Mwesigye enthusiastically encouraged the local community to fully utilize this upgraded facility, highlighting its profound positive impact on human health and well-being.

Eng. Sam Kajojo, the District Chairperson, extended his commendations to the government for providing the necessary funds for the construction of Bugongi Health Centre III. He urged leaders at the Sub-County level and the Health Centre Management team to establish a robust system for the facility’s operation and maintenance.

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This includes ensuring its cleanliness and efficiency, with a focus on the positive economic impact it would have on Bugongi, as over 80 healthcare workers would contribute to the local economy.

Kajojo expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mzee Mwebesa for generously donating the land for the health centre’s construction and extended his appreciation to the LCIII Chairperson and her team for their diligent monitoring of the construction progress and reporting necessary improvements.

Moreover, the LC III Chairperson’s request for the inclusion of in-patient wards received attention. The District Health Officer (DHO), Secretary for Social Services Tumuhamye Kenneth, and district councilors were entrusted with incorporating this into the financial budget for 2024-2025.

CAO Kanungu, Tweheyo Betega David, praised the high standards now upheld at Bugongi Health Centre III, which now matched those of Kirima Health Centre III. He commended Bugongi for its remarkable upgrade and expressed gratitude to all parties involved in the project, especially the government for fulfilling its promises.

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Betega underscored the importance of proper inventory labeling and management, expressing confidence in the approval of the requested wage bill for health workers, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the community.

He encouraged health workers to prioritize patient care services and adhere to the appropriate dress code. Additionally, he advised local residents to maintain their health through regular check-ups and vaccination services.

Betega strongly discouraged traditional home births, citing a report by the DHO that three out of ten women still give birth at home.

Dr. Birungi Mutahunga, the District Health Officer (DHO) of Kanungu, commended the dedicated work of Village Health Teams (VHTs) and urged communities to take preventive measures against diseases that might necessitate hospital visits. He announced the upcoming distribution of mosquito nets and stressed the pivotal role of VHTs in administering vaccines, including those for Covid-19 and yellow fever.

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Dr. Mutahunga proposed the use of solar pumps to address the issue of a non-functioning water pump and addressed concerns about drug shortages, reassuring the community that there would be a four-month supply available at Bugongi Health Centre III.

Madam Byereeta, the Chairperson of LCIII Bugongi Sub-County, appealed for the proper utilization of funds. Due to land constraints, their 200 million shillings had not been fully utilized for construction, unlike Kirima. She expressed gratitude to those who had contributed to the project, particularly Mzee Mwebesa and Mzee Batugwaki. She also requested the rehabilitation of their old structure to accommodate more patients and expand their healthcare services.

Hon. Rukomaentare, the District Councilor of Bugongi Sub-County, extended heartfelt thanks to the district team and the government of Uganda for their unwavering commitment to upgrading and commissioning this crucial health facility.

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