LoP Urges Ugandans to Spearhead Activism for Improved HIV/AIDS Services amidst Funding Threats

NEWS – The Leader of Opposition in the Parliament of Uganda, Mathias Mpuuga, is calling on Ugandans to actively engage in activism to compel the government to enhance access to vital HIV/AIDS services.

These services include testing, counseling, treatment, and support for individuals affected by AIDS. Mpuuga delivered his message via X-Twitter on the occasion of World AIDS Day, which is being commemorated worldwide under the theme “Let Communities Lead.” This theme emphasizes the need for leaders at various levels to take decisive action and empower communities to play a central role in endeavors aimed at ending HIV by 2030.

Acknowledging the looming threat of reduced funding from the donor community for HIV/AIDS care and treatment, Mpuuga stressed the importance of strict adherence to Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) among patients.

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“This adherence is crucial to prevent the development of resistance to existing ART drugs, as the next drug regimen is prohibitively expensive for the country, especially in light of widespread poverty and corruption at the government level”. emphasized Mpuuga.

He added “We cannot afford to have individuals developing resistance to the current ART regimen, considering the exorbitant cost of the alternative. Given the high levels of poverty in our community and corruption within the government, it is beyond our means,”

He further urged the National Medical Stores (NMS) to ensure the timely and ample supply of Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) to AIDS treatment centers.

Mpuuga also reiterated the call for the government to prioritize reducing the distance between health centers and rural communities. This, he emphasized, would significantly enhance access to HIV/AIDS care services, particularly in remote areas.

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