Rukungiri Resident Judge Begins Month Long High Court session in Kanungu

KANUNGU – Today, in a significant development for Kanungu District, Justice Tom Chemutai, the Rukungiri District High Court Judge is today beginning a month-long session to dispense justice, presiding over a total of 43 cases.

This announcement has been confirmed by Nantamu Oliver, the Assistant Registrar of the Rukungiri High Court.

Last November, the establishment of the high court in Rukungiri District marked a crucial milestone, taking over the jurisdiction of cases previously managed by the Kabale and Mbarara High Courts.

The primary objective behind this initiative was to bring justice closer to the people, sparing them from the arduous burden of lengthy journeys.

During this 30-day session, Justice Chemutai will oversee a diverse caseload, which includes 20 murder cases, 5 rape cases, 15 cases of aggravated defilement, 2 cases of aggravated robbery, and 2 cases of kidnapping.

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This extended session period is expected to span several months, ensuring meticulous attention to all 43 cases mentioned.

A total of 60 suspects are slated to appear before the high court judge, comprising 54 males and 5 females.

This group encompasses both vulnerable individuals and those who have been on bail for an extended duration. Notably, the cases under consideration date back to 2019.

The overarching goal is to grant accused individuals the opportunity to exercise their right to freedom and benefit from this session, ultimately upholding their rights.

Nantamu emphasized that this initiative has successfully brought justice closer to the local community, eliminating the need for residents to undertake the long journeys to Kabale or Mbarara.

Furthermore, court sessions are now extending their reach to Kanungu District, serving the broader region.

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