Bishop Akanjuna Encourages Students to Prioritize Education

KABALE – The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, yesterday implored students to conquer the obstacles they face in their daily lives as a vital step toward achieving success in their exams.

Bishop Akanjuna shared this inspirational message during the dedication service of Candidates at Kigata High School and Kigata Primary School, held at the Kigata High School Chapel in Kyanamira Sub County, Kabale district.

Bishop Akanjuna passionately encouraged students to confront and triumph over the challenges they encounter regularly, especially those within their academic journey and homes. Bishop Akanjuna stressed that overcoming these challenges is paramount to excelling in their examinations.

He advised students not to dwell excessively on their difficulties but to remain focused on their academic pursuits, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing their education despite the adversities they may face.

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Bishop Akanjuna also reminded students that they are the architects of their own destinies, underlining the significance of dedicating themselves to their studies for personal growth and development.

Bishop Akanjuna instilled in the students the belief that their future success is not determined by their past experiences but rather by their current efforts and determination. He emphasized the idea that anyone, regardless of their past circumstances, can shape a brighter future.


In a separate spiritual endeavor, Bishop Akanjuna Confirmed 21 confirmants into Anglican faith during a service at Bishop Kivengere Girls School. He also presided over the dedication of Candidates at the same school and at Muyebe Mixed Primary School.

Bishop Akanjuna stressed the significance of accepting the power of the Holy Spirit, which guides and protects individuals in their endeavors and shields them from evil. He further illuminated the connection between the Holy Spirit and the blessings received during the sacrament of confirmation.

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