Educationists Rally for Full Implementation of 2019 Teacher Policy to Tackle Computer Illiteracy

KABALE – Educationists in Kabale District are urging educators nationwide to embrace the 2019 Teacher Policy, which mandates that all teachers hold a degree to combat computer illiteracy effectively.

Under recent reforms, the Cabinet sanctioned the 2019 Teacher Policy, aiming to ensure that all educators possess degrees by 2030. Speaking at the formal launch of the Primary Leaving Special Exam marking process at Victorious Preparatory School in Kitumba Sub County of Kabale District yesterday, Julius Nahabwe, the Executive Director of Broad Educational Consults, emphasized the policy’s significance.

He explained that the policy’s primary objective is to empower teachers with updated knowledge and enhance their teaching performance.

Nahabwe stressed that the policy’s benefits extend to equipping teachers with advanced technological skills to address computer illiteracy effectively.

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In line with this policy, Kabale District’s Education Officer, Moses Tumwijukye Bwengye, confirmed its ongoing implementation. He stated that the policy aims to disseminate standardized knowledge throughout the teaching profession.

Tumwijukye highlighted that teacher training colleges no longer admit grade three educators, and National Teachers Colleges have ceased admitting grade five secondary school teachers.


The Uganda National Teacher Policy (NTP) received approval and was launched in October 2019. This policy’s core objective is to provide a structured framework for professionalizing and standardizing the teaching profession while bolstering teachers’ development and management.

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