KABALE: Haddassah Vocational Training Institute Graduates Urged to Prioritize Faith & Discipline for Academic Success

By Nathan Bahangwa

KABALE – Students have been strongly encouraged to prioritize their faith and cultivate discipline if they aspire to excel in their academic pursuits.

This inspiring message was on Saturday delivered by Misty Autums, an esteemed guest from America, during the momentous second graduation ceremony of the Haddassah Vocational Training Institute, in Upper Bugongi, Northern Division in Kabale Municipality.


A total of thirty-five students successfully completed various vocational courses, with each graduate benefiting a sewing Machine from the empowering Haddassah Girls project, designed to provide ongoing support.

Misty implored the graduates to reflect on their own educational journey and extend a helping hand to their peers who are still pursuing their studies, so that they too can successfully reach the culmination of their academic endeavors.

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Additionally, Misty urged the graduates not to lose hope in the face of challenges they may encounter in their professional pursuits adding that “Instead, they should entrust their endeavors to a higher power and remain steadfast in their determination to succeed”.



Expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Twikyirize Marcy, the director of the Haddassah Vocational Training Institute, acknowledged the divine intervention that enabled them to finally celebrate this long-awaited graduation.


She warmly congratulated the graduates for attaining their educational goals.


Emphasizing the comprehensive approach of their institution, Mrs. Marcy highlighted that their curriculum not only focuses on vocational studies but also imparts vital life skills such as public speaking and interpersonal relations.



These additional proficiencies ensure that the graduates become valuable assets to their communities.

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Mrs. Marcy appealed to the public for support in providing business opportunities to the graduates, such as sewing uniforms and other related items.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Joshua Katarikawe, the chairman of the board of governors, encouraged the graduates to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in practical ways, while setting a positive example within their communities. By doing so, he believed the reputation of their institution would flourish, attracting more prospective students.



In interviews with the Source Ug, Namara Prossy and Kwikyiriza Naom, two of the graduates, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Haddassah Girls empowerment project for providing them with sewing machines. They acknowledged that the financial burden of purchasing these machines had been lifted, enabling them to allocate those resources to other areas of personal development.

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Both Namara and Naom recounted the bleak prospects they faced before enrolling at the Haddassah Vocational Training Institute. Due to their parents’ limited financial means, they had little hope of pursuing a brighter future through higher education.


They credited divine intervention for enabling their parents to gather the necessary funds, however modest, to facilitate their educational journey.

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