Minister Bahati Urges Kabale Candidates to Trust God as They Begin UNEB Exams

KABALE – The Minister of State for Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives (Industry), Honorable David Bahati, has advised Candidates in Kabale District to Place God at the center of their endeavors as they embark on the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) exams tomorrow.

In a heartfelt message inscribed on a success card for candidates in Ndorwa West County, Minister David Bahati, who also serves as the area Member of Parliament and the Kabale District NRM Chairman, emphasized the importance of placing God at the center of their endeavors.

Quoting Jeremiah 29:11, Minister Bahati conveyed a powerful message to the candidates, reminding them that God has a unique plan for each individual. Despite the challenges they may face, he encouraged them to trust that God can work through any situation to bring about prosperity and hope.

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“It’s not merely a promise to rescue us immediately from hardship or suffering, but rather an assurance that God has a plan for our lives. Regardless of our current situation, He can navigate us through it, fostering prosperity and instilling hope,” Minister Bahati emphasized.

Extending his heartfelt wishes for success to all candidates, Minister Bahati expressed optimism that the same divine guidance that helped them navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown and other adversities would see them through the UNEB exams.

“As you embark on your final exams, I wish you the very best, and may God’s favor accompany you. May the countless hours of revisions and preparations translate into excellent grades, opening doors to a brighter future,” Minister Bahati conveyed his well-wishes to the candidates.

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This year, a total of 364,421 candidates are poised to sit for the examinations, reflecting a notable increase of 14,988 candidates, approximately 4.3 percent higher than the previous year’s figure of 348,433 candidates. The UCE national examinations are scheduled to run until November 17, 2023.

Minister David Bahati wishing success to Candidates in Kabale
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