St Ignatius University to Focus on Practical Courses for Youth Empowerment and Economic Growth – Bishop Rubaramira

KABALE – A total of 2.355 Billion has been raised in 2023 Bishop Annual Appeal Fund (BAAF) for Construction St Ignatius University in Kabale District.

In a momentous Climax fundraising ceremony at Our Lady of Good Shepherd Rushoroza Cathedral Parish in Southern Division, Kabale Municipality, a remarkable 2.355 billion shillings has been mobilized for the construction of St Ignatius University in Kabale Diocese. The announcement came during the event, where an impressive 162.9 million shillings was collected both in cash and pledges.

The initial goal set by the diocese was 3 billion shillings for the university’s construction. Presiding over the function as the main celebrant, Rt Rev Callist Rubaramira, the Kabale Diocesan Bishop, highlighted the transformative impact the university aims to achieve, particularly in fostering human development, job creation, and new opportunities, especially for the youth.

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Bishop Rubaramira outlined the university’s commitment to offering practical courses in fields such as Agriculture and Tourism. He emphasized the importance of exposing students to the world of research to encourage innovation and nurture a generation of job creators rather than job seekers. Bishop Rubaramira believes that focusing on practical courses will contribute to reducing unemployment and poverty in the Kigezi Sub-region.


Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Catherine Atwakiire Ndamira, emphasized the imperative for farmers to adapt to the evolving climate by cultivating crops with shorter maturation periods.

She highlighted the escalating hostility of the environment towards traditional agricultural practices, necessitating the exploration of alternative solutions that has created hurdles for farmers in planning and cultivating crops with optimal results. In response to this, she advocated for the cultivation of crops with swift maturation periods as a practical approach to minimize the risks associated with adverse weather conditions, reducing the likelihood of total crop loss.

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She recommended farmers to cultivate a variety of crops resilient to changing weather conditions to ensure a steady harvest even if one crop faces failure due to extreme weather events.

The Minister of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, delivered a generous contribution of 10 million shillings from Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabanja, who served as the chief guest. Minister Baryomunsi pledged government support to ensure the university provides quality education in the region. He also committed to leveraging partnerships with world-leading universities to address day-to-day challenges.


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