Kisoro Municipality Faces Project Delays Due to Funding Shortage, Mayor Ndyana Reveals

KISORO – The Kisoro Municipality Mayor, Ndyana Richard, has announced a delay in the implementation of several major projects in this financial year due to insufficient funds.

Mayor Ndyana highlighted that the municipality is facing challenges in moving forward with significant initiatives, such as the renovation and construction of classrooms in government-aided schools, municipal road construction and maintenance, expansion of street lighting, and more.

Regrettably, Mayor Ndyana indicated that none of these vital projects have been initiated or progressed within the current financial year of 2023/24 due to budgetary constraints. In an interview with our correspondent, Ndyana explained that the municipality’s local revenue stream is considerably limited and falls short of meeting the diverse needs of the community.

The mayor underscored the significance of foreign aid in supporting infrastructural development and essential services at the local level, expressing concerns that any impediments to such aid could hinder progress.

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Ndyana disclosed that Kisoro Municipality is actively working on generating funds to facilitate the phased implementation of crucial infrastructure projects, with the initial phase set to begin in September.


Addressing sanitation concerns within the municipality, Ndyana shared that municipal authorities have initiated a novel campaign to promote cleanliness. Under this program, all residents of a given street are designated to clean it on a specific day, aiming to reduce issues related to garbage accumulation and littering. Ndyana emphasized that there will be appropriate penalties for those who fail to participate in the program.

Mayor Ndyana urged residents not to engage in indiscriminate littering within the town, highlighting that surveillance teams have been deployed to monitor and report such behavior.

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In his remarks regarding the Bafumbira community, Ndyana emphasized the importance of cooperation and unity among the residents. He encouraged understanding and harmony among the diverse population in the municipality.


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