Kabale Inspector of Schools Urges Parents To Teach Children Old African Culture for Future Success

By Nathan Bahangwa

KABALE – Mrs. Glorius Asiimwe, the Inspector of Schools for Kabale Municipal Council, delivered an inspiring message during the Tendo Children’s Culture Day celebrations at Nyabikoni Ward in Kabale municipality.


In her speech, she emphasized the importance of preserving old African culture and urged parents and guardians to play an active role in teaching their children about their cultural heritage.


Mrs. Asiimwe believes that instilling these values will contribute to their success in the future.


During the event on Friday, the message was read by Mrs. Kashemire Hilder, the Assistant Town Clerk of Kabale municipality, who represented Mrs. Asiimwe as the guest of honor.


Mrs. Asiimwe expressed concern about the growing influence of Western cultures on children, which she attributed to parental negligence. She stressed that this has led to undesirable behaviors among the youth.

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To counteract this, she called upon parents to set positive examples for their children, as children often emulate what they see in their parents’ actions and behavior.


The Inspector of Schools also encouraged parents to incorporate prayers into their children’s lives, emphasizing the importance of putting God first in everything they do.

Mr. Agaba Kenneth, the director of Tendo Children’s Centre, expressed his gratitude to parents for entrusting their children to their care. He urged parents to keep their children engaged in various home activities, especially those that promote cultural awareness.


In addition to that, Mrs. Immaculate Agaba, fondly known as “Mama Tendo,” expressed her appreciation to the teaching staff for their hard work and dedication. She acknowledged that their efforts were instrumental in the success of the event and the positive impact it had on the children.

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Overall, the Tendo Children’s Culture Day celebrations were a resounding success, with everyone coming together to celebrate and promote the rich African heritage among the young generation.


The event served as a reminder to parents and guardians of their crucial role in shaping their children’s future by instilling a sense of cultural identity and values.


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