Dr Sylvia Launches Orthopedic Medical Camp in Rukiga, Emphasizes Health Awareness

RUKIGA – Dr. Sylvia Alineitwe Mwanaki, the Deputy Managing Director of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), yesterday inaugurated an orthopedic medical camp at Mparo Health Center IV in Mparo Town Council, Rukiga District.

Dr. Mwanaki expressed her motivation for organizing the camp, citing encounters with individuals facing orthopedic challenges, particularly joint and back pain.

Emphasizing the importance of health amidst life’s challenges, she encouraged people to prioritize their well-being.

Addressing the community, Dr. Mwanaki urged the people of Rukiga to foster unity for the overall development of their communities.


Dr. Godfrey Mucunguzi, the In-charge of Mparo Health Center IV, emphasized the correlation between heavy workloads, carrying substantial loads, and the development of orthopedic issues.

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Dr. Mucunguzi disclosed that their facility attends to 300 to 400 clients monthly, with around 30 critically ill patients referred to Mbarara and Kabale Regional Referral Hospitals.

He stressed the need for heightened awareness regarding the risks associated with strenuous work, especially among manual laborers like construction workers, farmers, and turn boys.

Dr. Mucunguzi advised individuals to allocate time for rest and relaxation between periods of intense work to facilitate the body’s recovery and minimize the likelihood of orthopedic problems.


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