Kabale Municipality Introduces Garbage Disposal Fee

KABALE – The Kabale Municipal Mayor, Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha has revealed Plans to revamp the municipality’s waste management system, which includes the removal of the garbage collection truck and the introduction of fees for garbage disposal.

According to Sentaro, the decision is being prompted by the escalating costs associated with maintaining and fueling the aging garbage collection truck. Sentaro said this yesterday during the Central Division State of the Division address held at Division Headquarters in Kabale Municipality.

To address this issue, Sentaro says that residents will now be required to pay a modest fee of Ugx 500 each time they dispose of their garbage. He noted that the revenue generated from these fees will be redirected towards essential developmental projects.

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In a bid to enhance the cleanliness of the municipality, Sentaro further disclosed that they would be contracting specialized service providers responsible for efficient garbage collection. This move aims to alleviate the strain on the municipality’s resources and ensure a cleaner, more sustainable environment.


Justin Barekye, the Kabale Municipality Town Clerk, echoed the sentiment, asserting that those unwilling to adhere to the rules and standards of urban living should consider relocating to rural areas. She stressed that the municipality cannot tolerate negligence or complacency when it comes to waste management.

Sam Arineitwe, the Chairperson of LC3 Central Division, shed light on the financial strain caused by the previous year’s garbage collection efforts. The division had allocated Ugx 245 Million for this purpose but ended up spending only Ugx 190 million, with more than Ugx 90 million dedicated solely to fuel expenses. Arineitwe encouraged residents to adopt sustainable practices by composting organic waste and using it as natural fertilizer.

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Under the provisions of the Physical Planning Amendment Act no.2 of 2020, littering offenders face strict penalties, including fines of up to Ugx 2 million or imprisonment for a maximum of one year, or both, reinforcing the municipality’s commitment to maintaining a litter-free environment.

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