KISORO: Mutolere Hospital Commemorates World Day for the sick

By Our Reporter

KISORO-About 200 community members were given free medical services at St Francis hospital Mutolere in Kisoro district and several admitted patients have been blessed through prayers and other sacraments led by Father Leopold Mubangizi, to commemorate the world day of the sick.

The medical services included cervix Cancer screening, eye screening, blood sugar testing, urine testing, scanning pregnant mothers, HIV and syphilis testing, testing of hemoglobin levels and blood groups, testing blood pressure and doing other body measurements like temperatures.

The World Day of the Sick was established by pope John Paul II in 1992 as an awareness day in the Catholic Church intended for prayer and sharing for the good of the Church and of reminding everyone about the in the face of Christ. The day is celebrated every 11th day of February since 1993.

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According to the chaplain of St. Francis hospital Mutolere, Father Leopold Mubagizi, the celebrations were made a day before at Mutolere because the majority of the staff are always busy on Saturdays.

During the commemoration, patients were visited in their different wards by a charismatic team led by Father Mubagizi praying for the sick, giving them Holy Communion, anointing them with healing oil and sprinkling holy water on them to protect and bless them in the name of God.

The same team delivered donations including soap and salt to the sick people and their caretakers totaling to over 300 people.

Speaking to the, Father Mubagizi said that the major objective of the day is praying for the sick, praying for medical workers, and providing support to the sick.

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He noted that today was his first day to anoint large numbers of the sick in his priest ship career.  He called upon the anointed to believe and keep praying to God to heal them.

Father Mubagizi called upon medics to always do their jobs wholeheartedly because healing a body part of a person is like healing Jesus.

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