Severe Bed Shortage Puts Rubanda Health Centers in Crisis

RUBANDA – Health Centers in Rubanda District are grappling with a severe lack of bed capacity, making it challenging to accommodate inpatients in need of care.

Our reporter observed this issue just yesterday during a visit to the health centers, coinciding with the generous donation of 400 Mama Kits by Anna Asiimwe a resident of Kakore in Hamurwa Town Council and a businesswoman currently vying for the Rubanda District Woman Member of Parliament seat aimed to support expecting mothers in the region.

Joan Birungi, an enrolled nurse at Bubare Health Center III in Bubare Sub County, shared her concerns. She revealed that the health center, despite witnessing around 40 deliveries each month, possesses only 6 beds. Shockingly, there is only a single delivery bed available at the facility.

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Benon Abirinjuna, the Public Health Nurse at Hamurwa Health Center IV, highlighted the critical situation. Despite serving a significantly large catchment area, the health center facilitates over 150 deliveries every month. Abirinjuna pointed out that the center’s outpatient unit has a mere four beds, mirrored by an equal number for inpatients, all of which are in poor condition. He further lamented that the hospital itself houses only 28 beds, with a paltry 2 designated for delivery purposes.


Dr. Bampabwire Godfrey Amooti, the incharge of Muko Health Center IV in Muko Sub County, echoed the dire circumstances. He shared that the health center, which has a total of 17 beds, frequently faces overwhelming situations due to expecting mothers seeking refuge early on due to the challenging terrain. These mothers fear potential complications during labor and arrive at the center well in advance.

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Addressing the issue, Nuwagaba Mpagi Domic, the assistant inventory management officer in the office of the District Health Officer, Rubanda, acknowledged the shortage. However, he emphasized that the problem extends beyond the lack of beds, highlighting the urgent need for bed sheets and other essential items.


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