Lt. Col. Katabazi Vows to Crush Intolerance & Corruption in Uganda, Urges Journalists to Join the Fight.

By Obed Kankiriho

KABALE – The Deputy Director General of Internal Security Organization (ISO), Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi has today expressed his firm determination to tackle the escalating levels of intolerance in Uganda’s political landscape.


Speaking at a one-day workshop with journalists from six districts in the Kigezi Sub-Region, held at Kirigime Guest House in Kabale Municipality, Southwestern Uganda, Katabazi emphasized the role of journalists in promoting harmony and peace through responsible reporting and unbiased coverage of events.


During the engaging workshop, the Deputy Director General shed light on the need for intelligence-driven journalism, with a focus on understanding the development and responsibilities of journalists in Uganda. He assured the journalists that if he remains in service by 2026, he will actively participate in curbing and condemning acts of intolerance during campaign rallies.

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In his candid address, Katabazi highlighted the alarming rise of nepotism not only within religious circles but also within political parties. He condemned the destructive trend of parties fighting against their own members, leading to bloodshed among Ugandans. He stressed that intelligence services and security agencies will be proactive in enforcing measures to combat tribalism and religious divisions, which have been on the rise.


Furthermore, Katabazi acknowledged that some of these issues stemmed from disparities in development among Ugandans. He urged journalists to actively participate in promoting national development, as it plays a crucial role in curbing insecurity and fostering unity in the country.


On the subject of corruption, the Deputy Director General called on journalists to refrain from glorifying corrupt officials in the government. Instead, he urged them to take the lead in exposing corruption hotspots and proposing effective solutions to combat this pervasive issue.

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Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi’s assurance of actively engaging in the struggle against divisive forces during campaign rallies and his call for responsible journalism as a tool to promote harmony and development received widespread appreciation from the attending journalists. The workshop provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration between the security agencies and the media, fostering a joint effort to create a more peaceful and united Uganda.

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