Over 500 Illegal Land Evictions Recorded in 2022 – Minister Nabakooba

KAMPALA – The Minister for Lands, Housing, and Urban Development Judith Nabakooba, has revealed that in the year 2022, a total of 561 instances of illegal land evictions were recorded across the entire country.

The Minister disclosed this information during a press briefing held today, centered on the upcoming Land Awareness Week (LAW) for the Lango sub-region. Scheduled to take place from August 28th to September 1st, 2023, this event carries the theme “Promoting Land Rights and Inclusion for Enhanced Production and Sustainable Development.” The press briefing was held at the Uganda Media Centre located in Kampala.

Minister Nabakooba underscored that illegal land evictions have emerged as a pervasive and pervasive issue that has plagued the entire nation, transcending the boundaries of different tenure systems.

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She emphasized that these incidents have rendered numerous citizens landless, eroding their prospects of sustaining their livelihoods. Citing statistics from the Annual Crime Report of 2022, Minister Nabakooba highlighted that a total of 561 land-related cases were documented, encompassing offenses such as criminal trespass, malicious damage, forgery, and unlawful eviction, among others.

“Of these cases, fraudulent acquisition of certificates of title, registration through false pretenses, and criminal trespass were identified as the most prevalent transgressions”. Minister Nabakooba firmly asserted

She added that “It is these reports that necessitate and warrant our interventions to educate the public about their rights, responsibilities, and obligations.”

Regarding the Ministry’s proactive approach, she outlined strategies aimed at enhancing the integrity of the Land Information System (LIS). This includes preventative measures against double titling and detecting instances of double plotting.

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“Titles that were illicitly generated will be nullified,” Minister Nabakooba assured, underscoring the significance of land inspection conducted by eight designated land officers.

She further emphasized that a thorough due diligence process should be carried out by all involved within the conveyance belt.

Minister Nabakooba extended a call to action to various stakeholders, urging District Political and Technical leaders, District Enforcement agencies, and land title holders within the Lango Sub-region to actively engage in the Land Awareness Week.

“This unique opportunity will allow them to verify their title documents and access information from the Land Information System at no cost”. She noted.


The LAW 2023 is aimed at strengthening the capacity of farming communities, land owners and users including women, youth, Persons with Disabilities-PWDs, and other vulnerable groups on their land rights and obligations for effective engagement in Land Governance and environmental conservation at local and national levels.

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