UPDF EOD Team Disposes off 18 Deadly Unexploded Ordinances in North Kivu

NEWS – The Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Team, part of the Field Engineering Unit of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Contingent serving under the East African Community Regional Force, has successfully disposed of 18 dangerous unexploded ordinances in the villages of Mabenga.


These included various types of bombs, grenade fuses, and live ammunition, which were found in plantations, fields, and bushes.

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Mawanda Lubega, Commanding Officer of the 9th battalion, expressed how the UPDF Contingent’s presence in Mabenga has brought peace and calmness, allowing civilians to return to cultivating their fields. However, the presence of unexploded ordinances poses a serious threat to their safety.


Major Aine Julius, the UPDF EOD Field Engineering Commander, emphasized the importance of community awareness and vigilance when dealing with unknown materials, as these bombs can be deadly if mishandled.

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Farmers in Mabenga praised the efforts of the UPDF EACRF Contingent for removing the dangerous ordinances and called for continued support from EACRF and its partners to ensure the safety of the region.


Mabenga, situated 37 kilometers from Rutshuru-Kiwanja town center, is a crucial food-producing area in North Kivu, providing sustenance not only to Rutshuru territory but also to the wider North Kivu population. The disposal of the unexploded ordinances is vital to safeguarding lives and supporting agricultural and animal husbandry activities in the region.




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