FDC President Denies Accusations, Calls for Party Unity Ahead of Internal Elections

By Obed Kankiriho

KAMPALA – The President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Patrick Oboi Amuriat, has vehemently denied recent accusations against the party and its leadership.


In a press statement released today, Amuriat addressed various allegations and urged party members to maintain unity as internal elections approach.


Amuriat clarified that the FDC has never received any funds from President Museveni’s regime, contrary to the accusations leveled against them. He emphasized that the party’s financial resources are obtained legally through the National Electoral Commission, with proper accounting measures in place.


The FDC leader acknowledged the tension within the party regarding upcoming leadership positions, but stressed the importance of substantiating accusations with evidence. Amuriat criticized Hon. Ibrahim Ssemuju for his reckless statement suggesting that the party could be taken over by Museveni, likening it to what happened to the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). Amuriat highlighted Ssemuju’s limited experience within the FDC and urged him to familiarize himself with the party’s history.

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Addressing internal elections, Amuriat informed party members that the election roadmap had been approved by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the Party Electoral Commission was independently overseeing the process. He urged all members to actively participate in the upcoming village-level elections and reiterated the party’s commitment to transparency and fairness.


Amuriat also dismissed Hon. Ssemuju’s claim that the Internal Security Organization (ISO) was compiling the FDC party register, stating that the registers are chosen by party leaders at the district level in accordance with the party’s constitution. He urged party members to ensure their membership details were updated in the party registers.


The FDC President expressed concern over threats of violence allegedly mobilized by his deputy, Elias Lukwago, and criticized Lukwago’s resistance to implementing party activities in the Buganda region. Amuriat also accused the party’s spokesperson of misusing their position to attack the party and called for disciplinary measures.

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In light of recent allegations and the importance of party unity, Amuriat called for calm among FDC members. He reassured them that the party would not be sold to any political party, regardless of the accusations leveled against them. Amuriat emphasized the need to build strong grassroots structures for the present and future leaders of the party.


Amuriat concluded his statement by asserting that political mercenaries were attempting to destroy the FDC, but he remained confident that they would not succeed. He urged party members to remain steadfast in their fight against the current regime and thanked them for their support.


“As internal elections draw near, FDC members are eagerly anticipating a fair hearing where the accused leaders will have an opportunity to defend themselves. The party hopes to emerge stronger and more united following the conclusion of the electoral process”. Amuriat Said.

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