Bishop Akanjuna Confirms 186 into Anglican Faith

RUBANDA – On Tuesday, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Confirmed 186 Confirmants into the Anglican faith during a service at St. Mark Kagyera Church of Uganda Parish, nestled in Kacerere Archdeaconry, Bufundi Sub County, Rubanda West County, and within the bounds of Rubanda District.

During his enlightening sermon, Bishop Akanjuna, with deep conviction, imparted words of wisdom and encouragement to the faithful.

He exhorted Christians to nurture unwavering faith in the Almighty, reminding them that faith serves as a steadfast anchor through life’s tempestuous seas.

The Bishop commended the congregation for their steadfast dedication to the Word of God, urging them to steadfastly follow the sacred principles and guidelines set forth by the Church, which serve as a compass guiding them towards spiritual prosperity.

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With passion in his voice, Bishop Akanjuna implored the newly Confirmed Confirmants to cultivate a profound spiritual connection with Jesus Christ, achieved through the divine gift of the Holy Spirit they had just received.

He underscored the timeless significance of honoring and respecting their parents, a virtue deeply embedded in the foundation of their faith.

Furthermore, Bishop Akanjuna emphasized the critical need for unity within families.

He lamented the unfortunate increase in discord witnessed in modern times, recognizing it as an impediment to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


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