Bishop Akanjuna tips Christians to Spend sparingly this Christmas season

Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna Delivering his Christmas Message to Journalists at Diocesan Headquarters in Kabale on 24.12.2022

By Gideon Tumwijukye


The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi , the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna has appealed to Christians to spend sparingly during the Christmas period.

While speaking today during the press conference that was held at the diocesan offices at Rugarama Hill in northern division, Kabale municipality, Bishop Akanjuna asked Christians to spend sparingly during this festive season not incur unnecessary debts that will affect them in the new year.

Bishop Akanjuna, reminded parents that inflation is still very high and it is pinching every one, advising them to reduce their spending this Christmas a little, so that they have enough money to pay school fees in January next year.

Bishop Akanjuna also asked Christians to protect the boy child during this festive season like how Joseph and Mary hid Jesus Christ from King Herod who was threatening to kill all first-born boy children.

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He also urged Christians to protect their children during this holiday from worldly pressures like alcoholism, sexual immorality, pornography, gambling and sports betting among others. He urged parents to give time to their children and advise them on how to behave.

Bishop Akanjuna also asked Christians to grow crops both for home consumption and for sale. He also asked them to practice modern farming methods and protect land from landslides because land is a gift God gave the world.

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