Former Kigezi Diocesan Secretary Retires From Active Priesthood.

By Obed Kankiriho


The former Diocese of Kigezi Secretary, Rev Canon Erasmus Turyatunga has retired from active priesthood after serving for 41 years as a priest.

At the time of his retirement, Rev Can Erasmus Turyatunga had been serving as the Diocesan Estates Officer in charge of Lands in acting capacity.

He was in the middle of this year being replaced by Rev Amos Tweteise, the current Diocesan Secretary.

Preaching during the diocesan staff members Christmas service held at the diocesan headquarters at Rugarama hill, Northern division in Kabale Municipality, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, the Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna commended Rev Canon Erasmus Turyatunga as a person who has been a truthful servant of God.

Bishop Akanjuna also described Rev Can Erasmus Turyatunga as a person who used to walk the talk, diligently dealing with people of different characters.

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Bishop Akanjuna asked Rev Can Erasmus Turyatunga to keep raising the flag of salivation high and let Jesus take the will during his retirement tenure.

Speaking during the same Service, Rev Can Erasmus and Peace Turyatunga have thanked God for the gift of life and good Journey in service.

Rev Can Turyatunga commended Diocesan staff members for embracing Unity and Cooperation during his tenure as the Diocesan Secretary. He asked Diocesan Staff members to keep United and Support the works of the diocese.

In 1982, Rev Can Erasmus Turyatunga served as church teacher second Letter, he later in 1984 went to Kabwohe for studies as a lay reader and in 1985 he became a full lay reader.

In 1986, he served at St Johns Kigata Church of Uganda as a lay reader and in 1987, he joined Bishop Barham Divinity College as a deacon and was Ordained a full Deacon in 1989.

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In 1990, he served at Ibumba Church of Uganda as a priest and in 1991 he served as the Vicar St Peter’s Cathedral and building coordinator for 3 months where he later became a full-time building coordinator for a period of 11 years.

In 2000, he served as the parish priest, Rwesasi Church of Uganda and in 2004, he served as the Diocesan Estates Officer in charge of Lands and Infrastructure.

In 2006, he served as the Archdeacon, Kihanga Archdeaconry in Rukiga district.

From 2019, he served as the Diocesan secretary to date.


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