Kabale District Kadhi Urges Judiciary to Expedit Justice Delivery & Address Key Concerns

By Gideon Tumwijukye

KABALE- The Kabale District Kadhi, Sheikh Kabu Lule, passionately called upon the judiciary in Uganda to expedite the process of delivering justice, emphasizing the need for swift and effective outcomes.

During the Eid-AL-Adduha commemoration at Kirigime Mosque in Kabale municipality, Sheikh Kabu Lule expressed his deep concern regarding the prolonged court cases.

He highlighted the well-known saying, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” and urged for prompt resolutions to address the growing backlog of cases.

He emphasized that the delay in justice has caused significant inconvenience and frustration among the affected individuals. Sheikh Kabu Lule urged the government, particularly the judiciary, to take concrete measures to address this issue.

Additionally, Sheikh Kabu Lule strongly denounced acts of terrorism and murder, firmly stating that such actions contradict the fundamental principles of Islam.

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He ardently affirmed that Islam categorically rejects violence committed in the name of religion, as the sanctity of life is a divine gift bestowed solely by Allah.

Furthermore, the Kadhi appealed to the government to implement regulatory measures to combat the increasing proliferation of unregulated soft drinks in the market, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding public health and welfare.

Moreover, Sheikh Kabu Lule urged the Muslim community in the district to prioritize the education of their children. He underscored the pivotal role of education in ensuring ongoing relevance and active participation within their respective communities.

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