Kabale Woman MP Tips Kigezi Farmers to Plant Trees to Restore “Switzerland of Africa’ Title”

KABALE – The Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament, Honorable Catherine Atwakiire Ndamira, has called upon farmers in the Kigezi sub-region to adopt tree planting as a vital measure for preserving the environment.

Honorable Atwakiire made this plea today during the Centenary celebrations of St. James Nyakagyera Church of Uganda Parish in the Kikungiri Archdeaconry, located in Kyanamira Sub County within Kabale District. The event was presided over by the Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, the Bishop of the Kigezi Diocese.

According to statistics, in 2010, Kabale had a tree cover spanning 869 hectares, accounting for 26% of its land area. However, by 2022, the region witnessed a loss of 6 hectares of tree cover, resulting in approximately 7.89 kilotons of CO₂ emissions.

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Hon. Atwakiire highlighted that in the early 1990s, Kabale earned the moniker “The Switzerland of Africa” due to its cool climate, but this title has lost its significance due to environmental degradation and subsequent soaring temperatures.

Hon. Atwakiire attributed the escalating temperatures to rampant deforestation and the degradation of wetlands, mainly due to the pressure from the increasing population. She expressed concern over the prevalent cultivation of eucalyptus trees, noting that they contribute to environmental drying.

She called for a substantial tree planting effort within the region, emphasizing that this is pivotal for restoring Kabale to its former title as “The Switzerland of Africa.”

Hon. Atwakiire also expressed her gratitude towards Bishop Akanjuna for his consistently encouraging sermons, extending her appreciation to the parish priest and the congregation of Nyakagyera Church of Uganda for inviting her to their centenary celebrations.

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In addition to her environmental advocacy, Hon. Atwakiire turned her attention to parental responsibility during the holiday period, with a specific focus on safeguarding the well-being of girls. She highlighted the rise in teenage pregnancies and school dropouts during the lockdown and urged parents to prioritize the care of their children.


Bishop Akanjuna, in his sermon, stressed the importance of unity among Christians and their role in aiding religious leaders to spread the teachings of Christianity. He invoked the spirit of the early apostolic church, where members exhibited love, assistance, and obedience to their leaders, discouraging any sentiments of hatred.


During the event, a significant amount totaling over 15 million was raised through both cash donations and pledges to support the completion of the church building.

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