Kabale Woman MP Urges Youth to Uphold Modesty & Christian Values, Donates Rice to Parish Conference

KABALE – The Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament, Honorable Ndamira Catheline Atwakiire, has emphatically called upon the youth to shun the practice of indecent exposure, particularly among females who adorn themselves with scanty and transparent attire.

According to Honorable Atwakiire, such behavior runs contrary to Christian values and principles.

Hon. Atwakiire impassioned message was eloquently conveyed through a speech read on her behalf by her dedicated political assistant, Mr. Alex Akampurira. This significant address was delivered during the ongoing three-day youth conference held at St Peters Kinyamari Church of Uganda Parish in Rwancerere Archdeaconry in Butanda Sub County, Kabale District yesterday.

Drawing the attention of more than 300 enthusiastic attendees from the parish, Hon. Atwakiire message resonated with a sense of urgency.

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Addressing a gathering primarily composed of the younger generation, her words carried the weight of experience and authority.

She voiced concern about the burgeoning trend of wearing revealing and translucent outfits, particularly among young women.

Emphasizing the importance of upholding Christian values, the parliamentarian passionately argued for modesty in clothing choices, highlighting how these decisions shape societal perceptions and individual respect.

As a tangible gesture of support for the youth conference, she generously donated 100 kilograms of rice, a contribution intended to facilitate the provision of meals throughout the Conference.

This gesture underscored her commitment to the wellbeing and growth of the younger generation, exemplifying her dedication as a representative of the people.

The youth conference, hosted by Kinyamari Parish, resonated with themes of personal development, moral guidance, and community engagement.

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As the attendees immersed themselves in discussions, workshops, and activities, Hon Atwakiire’s words echoed in the minds of many, sparking internal reflection and conversations about the intersection of cultural values and contemporary trends.

Through her representative, Mr. Alex Akampurira, her impassioned message reverberated, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the attendees. Her act of generosity in donating rice further demonstrated her commitment to nurturing the potential of the youth, solidifying her role as not only a political representative but also a guiding mentor.

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