Congolese National Arrested Following Explosion of Hand Grenade in His Room

KAMPALA – Police in Kampala have apprehended a 39-year-old Congolese national identified as Basake Ndakulye for an in-depth inquiry following an incident where a hand grenade detonated within his residence situated in the Katende zone of Nakulabye Rubaga Division on August 15, 2023, at approximately 4:30 am.

According to an official police statement, there were no reported injuries among any family members. The family had been residing in the region for duration of four years subsequent to their migration as refugees from North Kivu.

A meticulous assessment and documentation of the scene were undertaken. Various items, including a safety pin, a green lead, a spoon, and samples of soil, were meticulously collected for subsequent analysis.

The subsequent findings indicated that the explosion had occurred on-site, a fact acknowledged by Basake Ndakulye, who confessed to surreptitiously importing the hand grenade into the country. Additionally, evidence revealed that he had tampered with the explosive device.

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Consequently, Basake Ndakulye was promptly taken into custody for the illegal possession of hazardous explosives.

SCP Enanga Fred, the official spokesperson for the Uganda Police, confirmed the detainment and disclosed that ongoing efforts are being directed towards verifying his documented status.

“This concern arose from the discovery of two passports, originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi respectively, within Basake Ndakulye’s possession”. Enanga said

He revealed that the Directorate of Crime Intelligence is currently engaged in profiling him further.

Enanga emphasized the importance of all refugees adhering to the host country’s regulations and refraining from the unlawful trafficking of dangerous weaponry across borders.

He stressed that the illicit transport of arms not only constitutes a criminal offense subject to legal repercussions, but also poses a severe risk of widespread casualties if such items fall into the wrong hands.

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 Enanga stated, “This underscores why the police are committed to identifying suspects and individuals in possession of unauthorized firearms and explosives, and ensuring they are held accountable under the law.”

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