Police Nets 8 Suspects in Buyende Boda Boda Theft Ring

BUYENDE – In Buyende district, Police have apprehended an 8-member criminal gang responsible for the theft of boda boda motorcycles.

A search at Irundu Trading Centre, specifically at Nfaki David’s residence, led to the recovery of 5 motorcycles and various spare parts, including a mate with registration number UDD 154C and a TVS star with registration number UDG 819W.

Among the arrested suspects are Lubega Kenneth, Kitimbo Yusuf, Isma Dolio, Nfaki Solomon, and Nfaki David.

An additional operation at Kitimbo’s garage in Buyende town council resulted in the arrest of Kitimbo James, Kireri Fred, and Bulolo Alex. Two stolen motorcycles, registered as UDT 387T and UET 381X, were recovered.

Uganda Police spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga emphasized the commitment to combat criminal elements targeting boda boda riders.

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As the 8 suspects face legal action, Enanga cautioned boda boda operators about late-night ambushes.

Recent incidents include a fatal attack on Nakitokolo village riders and robberies in Aswa West, Nwoya police station, and Kafundikara village, with ongoing efforts by the Police Flying Squad to identify suspects and recover stolen motorcycles.

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