Ndorwa West MP Hopeful Eliab Mporera Urges Youth to Choose Positive Paths & Prioritize Education

KABALE – The Ndorwa West County Hopeful Member of Parliament in Kabale District Counsel Eliab Naturinda Mporera has urged the youth to steer clear of negative peer influences that can jeopardize their well-being. Instead, he encouraged them to actively participate in constructive and developmental endeavors.

Addressing a gathering of young individuals at the St. Peter’s Kinyamari Church of Uganda Parish, located within the Rwancerere Archdeaconry in Butanda Sub County, Kabale District, Counsel Naturinda conveyed his message.

He highlighted the potential detrimental effects of associating with misguided peer groups, emphasizing that such associations could potentially hinder their future prospects.

Counsel Naturinda particularly directed his guidance towards the young girls, urging them to avoid early marriages and prioritize their education. By focusing on their education, they could lay a strong foundation for themselves and eventually contribute positively to society as responsible and empowered citizens.

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Turning his attention to the women in the community, he encouraged them to engage in income-generating projects. By doing so, they could not only enhance their own financial independence but also help alleviate poverty in their households, thus playing a pivotal role in their family’s development.

Drawing from the wisdom of Proverbs 22:6, Counsel Naturinda extended advice to parents. He stressed the importance of active parenting, guiding, and counseling their children.

He cautioned parents against allowing their children to follow their own whims, as this could lead to undesirable outcomes in their later years.

Naturinda’s commitment to promoting sports among the youth was evident in his generous gesture. He donated a total of four sports balls to St. Peter’s Kinyamari Church of Uganda Parish, Kabutuku Church of Uganda Parish, Murambo Church of Uganda Parish, and Katooma Church of Uganda Parish.

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