ADF Rebels Are Foolish & Strategically Bankrupt – President Museveni

KAMPALA – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has expressed his views on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels, describing them as lacking strategic foresight and making unwise decisions.

Addressing the ongoing terror threats in the Country during a broadcast on various Radio and Television stations last night, President Museveni pointed out that the ADF rebels’ tactics involve using individuals who are unfamiliar with the targeted areas. He noted that this approach poses a disadvantage for the rebels since such individuals are more easily identified and dealt with.

In his words, “These ADF rebels are foolish; they rely on inexperienced individuals who are new to the area, making it easier for us to handle the situation.”

The President assured the nation that despite the security challenges, the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces are actively pursuing the attackers and suspected terrorists. He urged Ugandans not to panic, emphasizing that the situation is not insurmountable.

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“We are committed to defeating these ADF rebels. We are collaborating with the Congolese government to locate and apprehend them. There’s no need for anyone to panic; we have the situation under control,” he reassured.

Museveni further emphasized Uganda’s capacity to neutralize ADF rebels, even from a long distance. He questioned why groups like ADF and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) had relocated to Congo or Central Africa from Uganda, given the availability of forests within Uganda itself.

He argued, “The fact that they operate from distant locations shows their inability to operate effectively from within Uganda.”

The President expressed hope that with the cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government, Uganda could launch an intensive manhunt to eliminate the ADF rebels.

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“We possess the capability to eliminate the ADF rebels, even from afar. If the DR Congo government grants us permission, we can decisively deal with them. We have shared our strategies with the Congolese government, including the deployment of zonal forces and LDUs,” he stated.

President Museveni also disclosed that the government has identified the masterminds behind the terror attacks in Uganda, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ugandan troops have been authorized to operate in Congo to pursue these individuals.

“The perpetrators of these bombings are in Congo, and we are pursuing them with the support of the Congolese government,” Museveni declared.

In response to the security threats, President Museveni directed places of worship to be vigilant and not allow suspicious newcomers into their premises. Additionally, he instructed bars, markets, hotels, and lodges to implement stricter identity checks for individuals seeking their services.

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Public transportation providers were also directed to screen all passengers for added security measures.

Currently, security operatives have successfully discovered six improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and arrested six suspects connected to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). The government remains dedicated to safeguarding the nation and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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