Kigezi Youth Advocate for Equitable Focus on Both Genders

KIGEZI – A Section of youth in Kigezi Sub Region are urging the government to expand its focus beyond the girl child and also take into account the difficulties faced by the boy child a head of the National Youth Day Celebrations.

The youth expressed this during a one day dialogue for youth leaders from Kigezi sub region discussing issues affecting youth in the region held at Cephas Inn Hotel in Kabale Municipality.

The Dialogue was organized by Naguru teenage Health and Information Centre that advocates for and promotes access to quality Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, confidentiality, gender, a right to choose, a right to evidence-based information to young people in Kampala.

Tugumenawe Brian from the Uganda National Students Association in Rukungiri District and Bamwanga Gilbert, the Kabale Youth General Secretary, highlighted that the government should not exclusively prioritize the welfare of girl children.

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They emphasized the need for a more balanced approach that recognizes and addresses the challenges experienced by genders, promoting harmony and progress.

They stressed that giving equal attention to the boy child would contribute to fostering healthy relationships between boys and girls. By doing so, it would also play a role in mitigating challenges faced by girls, who often encounter difficulties at the hands of boys.

The Kabale District Principal Assistant Secretary Manzi Gordon, representing Chief Administration Officer Kabale District, Fred Kalyesubula, underscored the significance of treating all children equitably, particularly given the prevalent issue of girls frequently facing pregnancies as a result of interactions with boys.

Manzi expressed concern that the current exclusive focus on girls by the government falls short of comprehensively addressing the broader range of issues.

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Dr. Rogers Ampwera, the Executive Director of Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center, stressed the need for united efforts to combat these challenges and to empower young people with knowledge to make informed decisions about their lives and bodies.

He pointed out that while girls often face more apparent challenges, boys also significantly contribute to these issues, especially in relation to pregnancies. Ampwera emphasized the importance of acknowledging and addressing the unique needs and concerns of both boys and girls.

The festivities are set to unfold this Friday at the Kigezi High School Lower Playground in Kabale Municipality, and the distinguished guest of honor will be none other than President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Under the theme “Accelerating Recovery from Covid-19 and Full Implementation of the 2030 Agenda: The Role of Youth,” this year’s celebration holds deep significance. It underscores the pivotal role that young people play in overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic and driving progress towards the 2030 development objectives.

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