Minister Rwamirama Urges Kigezi Farmers to Prioritize Animal Vaccination for Quality Milk Production

KABALE – The Minister of State for Animal Industry, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Bright Kanyontore Rwamirama, has challenged farmers in the Kigezi sub-region to make strategic investments in livestock breeds that promise rapid returns, ultimately boosting both the quality and quantity of milk and other agricultural products that can compete on the global market.

Minister Rwamirama conveyed this message yesterday during the inauguration ceremony of the Kigezi Dairy Co-Operative Society Limited in Kabale District, which took place yesterday. The commissioning of this ambitious project has commenced in six districts, including Kiboga, Kiruhura, Kazo, and Kabale.

This transformative project, jointly facilitated by the Dairy Development Authority and funded at a cost exceeding three billion shillings, has a twofold mission. It seeks to add substantial value to milk products through advanced processing techniques and to ensure that the market receives top-notch quality milk.

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Minister Rwamirama emphasized the importance of focusing on efficient breeds that yield swift profits, rather than maintaining herds of 300 cattle that may be less productive. He urged both farmers and those involved in the butchery business to prioritize these high-yield breeds if they aim to thrive in their endeavors.

The Minister provided valuable insight by encouraging farmers to embrace the principles of animal science, particularly in enhancing the nutrition provided to their livestock. By doing so, he underscored the potential for farmers to maximize their profits in cattle rearing.


Benjamin Turyahikayo, Chairman of the Kigezi Dairy Co-Operative Society Limited, highlighted the numerous advantages of the newly established milk processing plant for the residents of Kabale and the broader Kigezi region. He stressed that it would create employment opportunities and offer fair prices to farmers for their milk.

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Turyahikayo passionately implored the community to back the factory by actively consuming the products it produces. He, however, acknowledged that they are currently in need of a refrigerated truck and financial support to fence the facility.


Minister Rwamirama donated a cooler to the organization for the refrigeration of processed milk. He also committed to providing additional government support for the continued development of the project.

According to Minister Rwamirama, the mini processing plants will save dairy farmers from making losses as the equipment will process and preserve excess milk.

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