Kabale Woman MP Concludes Inspiring Pilgrimage to Rome, Receive Blessings from Pope Francis

Hon. Catherine Atwakiire Ndamira, the Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament, alongside her beloved husband, Mr. Didas Ndamira While Receiving a Blessing from Pope Francis in Rome Over the Weekend

NEWS – Over the past weekend, Hon. Catherine Atwakiire Ndamira, the Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament, along with her beloved husband, Mr. Didas Ndamira, concluded their memorable pilgrimage to Rome.

The purpose of their journey was to attend the 14th Annual Meeting of the International Catholic Legislators Network, an event of great significance.

During their time in Rome, they were granted a cherished audience with Pope Francis, a familiar face to the Ugandan community since his visit in 2015. Graciously, Pope Francis shared kind words about Uganda and engaged in a meaningful conversation with the couple, centering on the teachings of the word of God.

Amidst a sacred moment, Pope Francis offered his heartfelt prayers and blessings to Hon. Atwakiire and her husband, Mr. Didas Ndamira. He implored divine guidance to aid them in the realization of their aspirations and ambitions.

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Reflecting on the historical context, it is noteworthy that numerous Ugandan leaders have been honored with visits to Rome over the last decade. In an intriguing note, the record indicates that three Popes have journeyed to Uganda since the year 1969, underlining the nation’s significance on the global stage.

Of particular interest is Pope Francis’ visit in 2015, which not only left an indelible mark on Uganda but also marked a milestone in the continent’s history. This visit solidified Uganda’s distinction as the first African nation to host three different reigning Pontiffs.

The historical timeline reveals that Uganda holds a unique position, as it was the sole African destination graced by Pope Paul VI during his notable 15-year reign at the Vatican. His memorable visit took place in 1969.

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Subsequently, Pope John Paul II made his own pilgrimage to Uganda in February 1993, further deepening the bond between the Holy See and the nation.

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