Passenger Knocks Driver Dead in Kanungu

KANUNGU – Police in Kanungu District are actively searching for an individual who unlawfully drove a vehicle, leading to the tragic death of its rightful driver, Tumuhimbise Beston Kabirinda.

The devastating incident unfolded on Tuesday around 9:00 PM at Kembeho, situated along the Kanungu-Rukungiri road within Kanungu district. A police statement indicates that the driver of a motor vehicle, bearing registration number UAV 314H and painted in a grey Harrier, was en route from Kampala to Kambuga in Kanungu district. At Kembeho, he halted his vehicle and stepped out to attend to something situated behind the car.

During this brief absence, an individual seated in the front passenger seat took the reckless initiative of moving to the driver’s seat and reversing the same vehicle. Tragically, this action resulted in a collision with the actual driver, who was positioned behind the vehicle inspecting its trunk. The impact of the collision caused the vehicle to overturn, and the perpetrator fled the scene, remaining unidentified.

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The victim sustained severe injuries and was promptly transported to Kambuga hospital, where he succumbed to his accident-related injuries at approximately 4:00 AM the following morning.

Elly Maate, the spokesperson for the Kigezi region police, reported that the police swiftly responded to the incident. The scene was examined by Sgt. Ndyanabo Willy with assistance from Pc Kifunte Samuel.

Maate also disclosed that the motor vehicle with registration number UAV 314H Harrier was subsequently towed to the Kambuga police station yard, where it awaits an in-depth inspection as part of the ongoing investigation. The police are diligently working to identify and apprehend the individual responsible for this tragic incident.

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