Conflict Hinders PDM Funds Access in Rukiga, MP Ndyomugenyi Urges Local Leaders to Swiftly Act

RUKIGA – A dispute between John Tuyambe, the chief of Kafunjo Parish, and the leaders of the Kafunjo Parish Development Model (PDM) Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited in Kashambya sub-county, Rukiga district, is causing difficulties for the intended beneficiaries in accessing funds.

The issue came to light yesterday during a thanksgiving event aimed at enhancing Bucundura Hiika in Kitanga parish, under the Kabale diocese.

This effort involves the completion of a clergy house, a church, and the beautification of the compound. The intention is to elevate Bucundura Hiika to the status of a parish, following approval from Calist Rubaramira, the Bishop of Kabale diocese. The new parish will be carved out from Kitanga and Nyakishenyi parishes.

During the event, Hon. Ndyomugyenyi Bish, the Member of Parliament for Rukiga County and the chief guest, took the opportunity to encourage Christians to engage with the PDM project.

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However, local concerns quickly emerged, focusing on the project’s failure to materialize on the ground. Led by Richard Banyenzaki, the Chairman of the SACCO, residents raised a significant issue around 80 million shillings remains locked in the account due to a dispute between the leaders and Tuyambe.

Allegations were made that Tuyambe had coerced them into adding members of his choice, allegedly through a bribe of 20,000 shillings.

Transitioning to the situation at hand, Banyenzaki voiced his frustration: “Our efforts are stifled by this internal strife…”


Ndyomugenyi, visibly perturbed, directed Gastone Muhereza, the district councilor representing Kasyambya sub-county, and Robert Mbabazi Kakwerere to address the issue.

As local leaders, they were urged to take immediate action in resolving the conflict. Ndyomugyenyi also donated three oldest elderly persons with one goat each.

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Robert Kakwerere acknowledged the matter, admitting that his office had not been informed about the dispute earlier. He pledged to undertake the necessary steps to reach a resolution.

“We will diligently follow up on this matter and ensure it is resolved,” he asserted.


Despite attempts to reach Tuyambe for comment, his unavailability prevented any communication with our reporter.

The event managed to raise a total of 24.48 million shillings, combining cash donations and pledges toward the development of Bucundura Hiika. Notably, Hon. Ndyomugenyi contributed a substantial sum of 5.2 million shillings to the cause.

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