Four Arrested for Alleged Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation in Massage Parlor

BUIKWE – Police in Buikwe District have apprehended four individuals on charges of alleged human trafficking for sexual exploitation, encompassing unnatural sexual practices.

According to SCP Enanga Fred, the Uganda Police Spokesperson, the detainees have been identified as Nantume Patricia, a 26-year-old proprietor of a massage parlor; Nawasasira Hope, aged 20; Kibirige Douglas; and Kirumira Denis, both aged 27.

Enanga elucidated that while the massage parlor ostensibly provided regular and lawfully sanctioned massages, it also engaged in an array of prohibited sexual activities with customers, at an extra cost.

“These illicit activities encompassed manual erotic stimulation and oral sex offered after the massage, as well as acts of sodomy involving the female staff”.Enanga asserted

One of the victims, a former 22-year-old employee, revealed that the owner either employed or authorized the use of a vibrator on the female staff, subsequently recording videos of these acts and profiting from their sale.

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Enanga stated that the police continue to receive grievances from women employed in such establishments, who find themselves ensnared in situations of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

He added that these complaints frequently arise due to deceptive promises, coercion through threats of violence, or physical entrapment, with the victims often unaware of the nature of the situation they are being forced into.

Moreover, Enanga disclosed that specialized police teams have recovered incriminating evidence, including a vibrator, two packets of shisha flavor, anal lubricants, and camera tripods used for recording sexual videos.

He vehemently denounced such gross violations of human rights and sexual misconduct that persist within massage parlors.

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