Kisoro Roads Committee Approves 2023/24 Work Plans with 1Bn Boost for Road Infrastructure

KISORO – The Roads Committee of Kisoro District has given its nod to the district and municipal work plans for the upcoming financial year 2023/24.

Similar to other districts across Uganda, Kisoro district has been allocated one billion shillings from the road fund to enhance and uphold the road infrastructure within the district.

As per the Kisoro district authorities, the government has disbursed 500 million shillings for the first two quarters, with the remaining half slated for release in the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year. It was emphasized that the approval for the utilization of these road funds lies with the district road fund.

The Kisoro District Roads Committee is composed of Members of Parliament, the district Chairman, Chief Administrative Officer, Engineer, Municipality Mayor, and Town Clerk. The committee is chaired by Hon. Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, the Member of Parliament for Bufumbira East.

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In the absence of the committees’ chairperson, Hon. Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, today’s closed-door meeting was chaired by Hon. Eng Niyonsaba Alex, also known as Seruganda, the Member of Parliament for Bufumbira South. Hon. Seruganda announced that the committee has reached a consensus to initiate roadworks starting next month to ensure timely utilization of the allocated funds.

He highlighted that the committee has endorsed and approved all work plans, focusing on both municipal and district roads for the upcoming fiscal year. Priority, he mentioned, will be accorded to roads situated in areas that are not prone to waterlogging, aiming to mitigate the adverse impacts of the ongoing rains. He commended the government for the approval of the additional one billion shillings for the road fund, emphasizing its positive impact on the district’s historically underfunded roads sector.

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Nevertheless, Hon. Seruganda expressed concerns regarding Kisoro municipality, raising apprehensions about the efficiency and timeliness of its work outcomes due to a shortage of road equipment machinery. To address this issue, the committee granted permission for Kisoro municipality to either borrow from regional works headquarters or hire machinery for the required tasks.


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