Kabale Arts Teachers Boycott National Teachers Day Over Salary Disparity

KABALE – Arts teachers in Kabale District have boycotted the National Teachers Day celebrations due to salary disparities, particularly the 300 percent increase in salaries for science teachers, while arts teachers remained at their regular pay.

This discrepancy has adversely affected the performance of arts teachers who struggled to meet expectations. The celebrations for teachers in Kabale took place at Kirigime guest house in the southern division of Kabale Municipality.

Amos Musiimenta, Chairman of the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) in Kabale District, expressed disappointment as a significant number of teachers, only 565 out of the expected 1041, attended the event. He urged arts teachers to be patient, emphasizing the need for them to await President Museveni’s response to their concerns.

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Geoffrey Beinomugisha, UNATU Chairperson for Kabale Municipality, stressed the importance of unity among all teachers to strengthen the teaching profession. He called on the government to provide housing for teachers within school premises and to increase capitation grants promptly to ensure timely execution of school activities.


While the national commemorative event for World Teachers’ Day took place at Kololo Independence Grounds, featuring President Museveni as the guest of honor accompanied by the Minister of Education, Janet Museveni, the absence of a substantial number of teachers from Kabale highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by arts teachers in the district.

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