Private schools out compete government schools in PLE 2022 exams in Greater Kabale.


By Gideon Tumwijukye

KIGEZI: According to results released on 27th January 2023 by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Non-UPE candidates have, proportionally, performed better than the UPE candidates, a trend attributed to differences in the commitment by teachers, the kind of preparation of the pupils and the involvement by parents in urban settings as opposed to those in rural areas.

At Kabale universal primary school all the 69 candidates that sat for the exams, all passed in grade one which makes it 100% pass.

According to Drake Kisheija, the school director attributes the performance to excellent commitment of teachers, board of governors, committees and the community.

At Kabale junior school 65 have passed in grade one and 18 in second grade. John Bosco Sunday the school director attributes the performance to the fear of God that has enabled them to excel.

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At St. Cleria Nursery and primary school Kitanga in Rukiga district all 67 candidates passed in grade on

While at Kabale primary school which is government aided, 37 passed in grade one 77 in second grade and 4 in third grade while 2 missed exams.

At Buhumba primary school, 20 candidates came in grade one while 30 in grade two.

At Ruhonwa primary school which is found in Kashambya sub county Rukiga district, out 23 candidates only 2 passed in first grade, 15 in second grade while 6 in third grade.

832,654candidates from 14,691centres registered for Primary Leaving Examination in 2022 compared to 749,761in 2020.

The results shows that a total of 17,253 (2.96%) UPE candidates were absent, while 3,687 (1.48%) non-UPE candidates were also absent.

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