Bobi Wine Exposes Terrorism Threat as Police Halt Party’s Mobilization Tours

NEWS – National Unity Platform Party President, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has revealed that he received a letter ordering the halt of his party’s mobilization tours following his visit to Luwero.

According to him, the pretext for this halt was a supposed terrorism threat against his life.

Kyagulanyi took to twitter to express his frustration, pointing out that even before Deputy Inspector of Police Maj Gen Tumusiime Katsigazi issued his biased and seemingly illegal statement to ban the party’s nationwide tours; he had already received a similar letter from Mr. Nuwagira John.

This letter arrived shortly after the Luwero tour, effectively ‘halting’ their activities. Kyagulanyi suspects that these restrictions came into play once authorities witnessed the substantial turnout of people eager to hear their revolutionary message.

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In Bobi Wine’s own words: “Before Mr. Katsigazi Tumusiime issued his biased, illegal statement purporting to ban our NUP CountryWide Tour, we first received this letter from Mr. Nuwagira John last Friday after our tour of Luwero, ‘halting’ our activities under the guise of terrorism threat targeting my life. This was after they saw the massive numbers of people who came out to receive us and listen to our revolutionary message.”

He further noted that the moment his party announced nationwide mobilization activities, threats of terrorism immediately surfaced. He believes these threats were orchestrated to obstruct their activities in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

Despite these obstacles, Bobi Wine emphasized that the National Unity Platform Party has a duty to stand firm and not comply with illegal and unjust orders. To obey such orders, he asserted, would be a betrayal of their commitment to the people.

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Bobi Wine’s statement follows the suspension of the party’s nationwide mobilization activities by the police until further notice, citing breaches of guidelines.

The police had set forth a series of regulations that the National Unity Platform was expected to adhere to, including obtaining permission from venue owners, conducting gatherings in town halls or suitable enclosed spaces, refraining from processions, and avoiding actions that could potentially incite violence.

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