Ministry of Health to Deploy Medical Interns to 58 Centers Nationwide

KAMPALA – Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the Director of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health, has announced that the Ministry has received clearance to deploy medical interns to 58 internship centers spread across the country.


In a recent statement, Dr. Mwebesa revealed that the Ministry of Health has now released a comprehensive deployment list for the interns, outlining the revised terms guided by the Government.


The Director General of Medical Services acknowledged that the deployment process had experienced some delays, primarily caused by factors beyond the Ministry’s control. However, he reassured the public that effective measures have been implemented to ensure that these challenges are swiftly overcome.


According to Dr. Mwebesa’s statement, the government will deploy a total of 1,901 Medical Interns, effectively accommodating them within the available budget.

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To facilitate their accommodation and feeding needs during the internship period, each intern will be granted a net monthly allowance of Ugx 1 million. Dr Mwebesa said.


All the Medical Interns are expected to report to their designated training centers no later than August 2nd, 2023. To facilitate this process, the respective Hospital Directors will issue the interns with official deployment letters and arrange for their induction.


This move by the Ministry of Health marks a significant step forward in bolstering the country’s healthcare system, as these newly deployed interns will play a crucial role in providing medical services and contributing to the well-being of the nation’s citizens.

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