Deputy Speaker Praises Minister Mao’s Visionary Leadership & Calls for Unity with President Museveni’s Government

GULU – At a recent homecoming and thanksgiving ceremony in Gulu City, Northern Uganda, Minister Norbert Mao received high praise from Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa.


During the event, Tayebwa emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation between Minister Mao and President Yoweri Museveni’s government.


Tayebwa commended President Museveni as a man of his word, drawing from his personal experience working closely with him. This experience led him to encourage Minister Mao to be trustworthy in his interactions with the government, highlighting the potential for productive collaboration.


Visionary Leadership and Commitment to a United Uganda

Minister Mao’s visionary leadership, promoting a united Uganda, was acknowledged by Tayebwa, who expressed gratitude for Mao’s decision to work with the government despite his opposition background. He praised Mao’s commitment to unity, seeing it as an essential factor in the country’s progress.

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Parliament’s Pledge of Support for Unity Efforts

As Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Tayebwa pledged unwavering support from the parliament in endeavors that aimed to bring Ugandans together. He assured legislative and appropriation assistance to initiatives striving for unity and cooperation.


Political Criticism Addressed

Tayebwa addressed the criticism Minister Mao faced for collaborating with the ruling government. He defended Mao’s actions, emphasizing that they were driven by a desire to serve the country rather than individual interests. The recent increase in funding for IPOD, supported by Mao’s negotiation efforts, was cited as an example of his dedication to national unity.


President Museveni’s Support for Unity

Representing President Museveni, NRM Vice Chairman, Hajj Moses Kigongo, expressed approval of Minister Mao’s commitment to serving the country and encouraged him to continue his efforts. Kigongo also called on the people of Acholi to reject divisive politics and embrace unity, underscoring its potential to foster development in the region.

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Gen Caleb Akandwanaho (Salim Saleh) Applauds Mao’s Return to Unity Principles

Gen Caleb Akandwanaho (Salim Saleh), Senior Presidential Advisor on Defence and Security and the national coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, commended Minister Mao for embracing the principles of unity that initially brought DP and NRM together. This return to the foundation of unity was viewed positively as it aimed to strengthen the nation.


A Call for Reconciliation to Foster Peace and Harmony

Gulu Archdiocese Vicar General, Msgr Mathew Odong, highlighted the importance of unity and reconciliation in achieving lasting peace and harmony in Northern Uganda. He called upon Minister Mao to lead reconciliation efforts in the region.


Minister Mao’s Determination to Promote Unity

In response, Minister Mao affirmed his commitment to promoting unity across Uganda. He expressed his intent to travel throughout the country, advocating for unity as the driving force behind the nation’s progress.

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The event witnessed a gathering of prominent political figures, including Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and DP Vice President Mukasa Mbidde. Minister Mao’s dedication to the greater good of Uganda and his efforts to foster

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