Gov’t Seeks Over 60 billion shillings to settle 168 land acquisition cases from courts of law.

Isaac Kawonawo, senior sociologist in ministry of water and environment addressing Journalists at White Horse Inn Hotel in Kabale on Wednesday 07/12/2022

By Daniel Nsengimana


Government of Uganda through ministry of Water and Environment is hunting for over 60 billion shillings to settle 168 cases from courts of law as a result of failing to compensate people where the ministry-built water reservoir tanks across the country.

This has today been revealed by Isaac Kawonawo, senior sociologist in ministry of water and environment during a press briefing with journalists at white horse inn hotel in Kabale municipality while on his familiarization tour in Kabale district.

Kawonawo says that compensation and land acquisition are the major challenges hindering the ministry in that as the government they apparently don’t have money for compensation. He revealed that the ministry has on several times lost projects due to hard processes of acquiring land forcing kick back of funds to donors.

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Kawonawo said, the policy recommends for disturbance fee but not compensation fee. He added, that even if the government decides to compensate, it cannot do it fully but instead it rather resorts to giving disturbance fee.

He asserted that the government would now be hunting for 8 billion shillings as part of disturbance fee, but since they are courts cases it may require more than 60 billion shillings for Compensation.


Currently in Uganda, the Safety of water is at 68 percent and Kawonawo hopes for it to increase to 90 percent in a period of  two years to come.



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