Kisoro High Court Convicts Man for Gruesome Murder, Sentence Pending

By Our Reporter.


The High Court, presided over by Kabale High Court Resident Judge Justice Samuel Emokor, convened in Kisoro district and delivered a verdict of guilty against 56-year-old Gad Niyinzima, a resident of Gatwe Cell in Bunagana town council, for the charge of murder.

The prosecution presented evidence before Justice Samuel Emokor, alleging that Niyinzima had murdered his wife, Nyiransekuye Pophia, on January 2nd, 2020, by decapitating her with a garden hoe.

During his defense on June 21st of this year, Niyinzima refuted the accusations, claiming that he only recollects being attacked in his house by unknown assailants. He further asserted that he may have unintentionally harmed his wife while defending his family from the attackers.

However, after evaluating the evidence, Resident Judge Justice Emokor Samuel determined Niyinzima’s guilt in the murder of his wife, contravening sections 188 and 189 of the penal code act.

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The state prosecutor urged the court to impose a life sentence on the convict, emphasizing the need for him to be isolated from society as a lesson to others regarding his unlawful actions.

The convict’s lawyer, Nabasa Rodgers, implored the court to exercise leniency in the punishment, highlighting his client’s potential to contribute positively to society and the responsibilities he has towards his own family and children.

Resident Judge Hon. Justice Emokor remanded the convict in custody until July 3rd of this year, when he will return to the same court for sentencing.

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