Kabale RDC Nyakahuma Calls for Restoration of Vegetation Cover

By Innocent Ruhangariyo
KABALE: Godfrey Nyakahuma the Resident District Commissioner Kabale has vowed to the government and all stakeholders to look forward to have a strategic plan to protect environment through forest planting.
Nyakahuma said this on Wednesday 15 march 2023 while addressing and closing a one day workshop organized by Kabale district local government environment stakeholders and ministry of water at Kirigime guest house in Kabale municipality.
Nyakahuma raised the concern on how people have encroached wetlands and also random tree cutting which has resulted into effective soil erosion and eventually loss of soil fertility hence Less harvests and which is not like before because Kabale and Kigezi was known of being fertile that favoured them to get engaged in farming.
Nyakahuma further said that this program of tree planting should be extended to all districts of Uganda such that the destructed vegetation is recovered saying that as a developing country over 70 % of Ugandans use charcoal for related domestic purposes which has left hills with no vegetation cover.
However, Nyakahuma also revealed that people failed to adopt methods of farming like terracing, afforestation which has ease soil erosion to take place which is the washing away of top soils from Hills down into valleys because it is favoured by the terrain of the area (Kigezi) saying if this act continues is expected to affect the Uganda’s population in terms of economic livelihood.
On the other hand Nyakahuma said that this has also affected agricultural production where the harvests have subsequently reduced in terms of output which will again affect the population there is continuous reduction of harvests these years  compared to years back and which is not controlling the population, predicting that if this is tackled may led to poverty and famine Among the families in the communities.
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