Bishop Akanjuna Urges Christians to Foster Gratitude for Divine Blessings

KABALE – Rt Rev Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Kigezi Diocese has urged Christians a Cross the Diocese to cultivate a habit of thanking God for their achievements, emphasizing that this practice is a conduit for blessings and divine rewards.

Bishop Akanjuna delivered this compelling message yesterday during the 80th birthday celebration of Mzee James Kizza at St. Mark’s Kikungiri COU Archdeaconry in Kabale district’s Southern Division.

He stressed the significance of acknowledging even the smallest of blessings, prompting Christians to reflect upon the goodness bestowed upon them by the Almighty and to continually express their gratitude.

Moreover, Bishop Akanjuna reminded the congregation of the importance of showing gratitude while they are still alive.

He eloquently highlighted that once individuals pass away, they lose the ability to communicate their thanks, underscoring the importance of making thanking God a regular part of their lives.

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During this joyous celebration, James Kizza, the distinguished honoree, humbly expressed his profound gratitude to God for granting him a second chance at life.

He recounted surviving a near-fatal accident and other perilous situations. He also extended heartfelt appreciation to all those who graced the occasion, acknowledging their love and unwavering loyalty.

The event garnered the presence of several esteemed canons from the Kigezi Diocese, including Canon Johnson Barintuma Munono, the head of the diocesan laity, and the diocesan secretary, among other prominent attendees.

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