Man Arrested for Gruesome Murder of 5-Year-Old Child Amidst Paternity Dispute

KISORO – Police in Kisoro District have apprehended a 31-year-old man identified as Elias Kabeni, a resident of Matyazo village, Rukongi parish, Nyarusiiza Sub County accused of the tragic murder of a 5-year-old juvenile.

The deceased has been identified as Junior Aloysius, hailing from Matyazo village, Rukongi parish, Nyarusiiza subcounty within Kisoro district.

As per an official police statement, the events leading up to the incident unfolded yesterday around 7:00 PM. Elias Kabeni, who is also the father of the deceased, visited the home of his mother, Nyirasheriburyo Jovia, aged 65, residing in Matyazo village, Lukongi parish, Nyarusiiza sub county in Kisoro district. Nyirasheriburyo Jovia was the grandmother of the deceased and had been caring for him.

According to the police report, the motive for Elias Kabeni’s visit was to retrieve a key for his residence, typically kept at his mother’s home.

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During this visit, he took his son (the now deceased) along with him. Tragically, on their way back home a mere few meters away he allegedly committed a heinous act, cutting the child’s throat. Following this horrifying act, he fled the scene but subsequently turned himself in to the Kisoro Police Station a short time later.

Elly Maate, the spokesperson for Kigezi region Police, confirmed that an official case had been registered at Kisoro Central Police Station. The crime scene was inspected by OC Station Kisoro, SP Asiimwe Pious, and his team.

The victim’s body was transported to Kisoro Hospital’s mortuary, where it will remain pending a postmortem examination. Meanwhile, the prime suspect was taken into custody.

Maate further revealed that a piece of evidence, notably the trousers worn by the suspect, was retrieved. These trousers bore traces of blood, contributing to the investigation.

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The investigation has unearthed that the suspect had engaged in an argument with his spouse concerning the biological paternity of the child. Learning from his wife that he was not the biological father, he allegedly reacted in a gruesome manner, leading to the untimely death of the child.

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