Man Kills Wife & Three Children in Rubirizi

RUBIRIZI – Police in Rubirizi District have arrested 40-year-old Owoyesigyire Denis, a resident of Munyonyi II “A” cell in Rubirizi district, for a brutal murder involving his wife and three children on September 9, 2023.

According to the police statement, the investigation has revealed that the suspect returned home late at night in a drunken state, leading to a heated argument with his 28-year-old wife, Musimenta Asanasi.

He subsequently grabbed a machete and fatally wounded his wife by striking her head and hands.Following this horrific act, he turned his aggression towards his children.

Akandwanaho Andrew, a 4-year-old, suffered a head injury, while Akanyijuka Javira, a 3-year-old girl, was injured on her waist.

He then took their 2-month-old son, Atwijukire Davis, and inflicted fatal injuries on his head.

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The suspect fled to his father’s residence after committing these gruesome acts, where he was subsequently apprehended.

SCP Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police spokesperson, strongly condemned these merciless and inhumane acts of violence, particularly within a family, which puts children in perilous domestic environments.

The suspect is facing four counts of murder.

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