Six Arrested for Cattle Theft in Kiruhura

KIRUHURA – Police have apprehended six individuals in connection with the theft of cattle in Kazo and Kiruhura districts.

Among the suspects are Bwambale Felix (32), a Mukonjo by tribe and a businessman residing in Rushere Hospital Zone, Rushere Town Council, Kiruhura District. Also detained is Kwijuka Isma (40), a Munyankole by tribe and businessman living in Central Zone, Rushere Town Council, Kiruhura District.

The two were intercepted on 07/10/2023 at approximately 01:30 AM while traveling in a motor vehicle with registration number UAK 028T at Kyanyeba-Rushere, Rushere Town Council, Kiruhura District. Upon search, they were discovered in possession of offals, skins, hides, cut-off heads of cattle, and meat, leading to their apprehension.

The impounded vehicle yielded six cut-off heads of cows, ten hides of cows, three hides of goats, offals from six cows, and 24 hooves of cattle.

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Additional suspects include Kaweesi William Kashija (25), a Muganda by tribe and a peasant from Karambi Cell, Rwetamu Parish, Rwetamu Sub County, Kiruhura District; Muhinda John (56), a Munyankole and peasant from Rwentamu Cell, Rwetamu Sub County; and Abaho Obadia (42), a Munyankole peasant residing in Kyampangara Cell, Kyampangara Sub County, Kiruhura District.

It is alleged that on the night of 05/10/2023, the complainant heard noises in the goat shelter. When the door was opened, the suspects fled with the goats. On the morning of 06/10/2023, the complainant and the LC.1 chairperson visited the home of Kashaija and found flies in and around his house.

Upon inquiry, Kashaija’s wife revealed that her husband had brought meat home, and upon inspection, the stolen goat meat was discovered. The recovered meat was taken to CPS Kiruhura, a report was filed, and the suspects were apprehended by the community and the LC.1 chairperson, subsequently handed over to the police.

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The recovered exhibits were photographed, and the veterinary officer provided guidance on their disposal. In a related incident, the police in Kiruhura District arrested Tugume Alex (52), a Munyankole driver residing in Nyakasharara Trading Centre, Kiruhura Town Council, Kiruhura District.

On Saturday 07/10/2023, at about 01:53 hours, Tugume was intercepted in a motor vehicle with registration number UAW 608Y at Kyanyeba-Rushere Town Council in transit. Upon search, suspected stolen meat was found, and the driver was instructed to take it to CPS KIRUHURA for management. A report was made regarding the cattle theft.

Samson Kasasira, the Rwizi Region Police spokesperson, confirms that all the suspects are currently detained at Kiruhura Central Police Station.

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